60 Years Tradition of Spreading Happiness

Founded in 2018 in Taiwan, inspired by 60 years of tradition, XING FU TANG is world’s #1 pioneer of authentic handcrafted caramelised brown sugar tapioca pearls, creating its worldwide-renowned signature bubble tea. A trailblazer franchise brand that has elevated one of Taiwan’s most ubiquitous street food to an international level, it is now represented in more than 18 countries in 5 continents, with more than 120 points of sales worldwide. XING FU TANG finally opens its doors in Belgium in mid-March 2022, with its flagship boba boutique in swanky Louise quarter. Further boutiques are in developments across Brussels and the rest of Belgium in the near future.

The brown sugar ombré effect presented around the interior of the cup of our signature brown sugar boba milk tea is dubbed ˝the happiness pattern˝ by XING FU TANG’s founder, Edison Chen. ˝Xing Fu˝ means ˝happiness˝ in Chinese, and this is the warm-hearted true story of our founder:

˝I was brought up by my grandparents in Chiayi, Taiwan. I still remember they loved me and had my best interests at heart when they cooked homemade tapioca pearls stir-fried in brown sugar for me as a traditional snack. The recipe is a Chen’s family secret. Once, the brown sugar became overcooked when my grandma neglected the cooking time as she took care of me, her naughty grandson. Unexpectedly, the flavour of the brown sugar became richer and more aromatic. The visually-appealing brown sugar ombré effect first formed when my grandma poured it into a cup. This, what I called the ˝Xing Fu˝ drips to me symbolises the love of my grandma and a reachable happiness˝.

Chen’s grandma’s distinct caramelised brown sugar tapioca pearls are so flavoursome and leave a fragrant scent even once you finish the cup – an experience you could only get at XING FU TANG, which pioneered its signature bubble tea.

Our tapioca pearls, as well as many of the drinks preparations, are freshly handmade daily at each of our boba boutique, combining decades-long family secrets and local ingredients to ensure sustainability and superior quality. These alone are what set XING FU TANG apart from all the other bubble tea brands.

We look forward to welcoming you to our ˝Temple of Happiness˝, to share to you the ultimate tastes of happiness!